Monday, February 9, 2009

Annie's wondering if she should come out?

This one is from Annie over at Cookies,chaos & conversations. She's looking for some advice from us. Hit her with your best shot.

Do you own a blog? Do your family and friends read it, or is it something that you do for yourself?
I started this blog a few months ago after I began to read and enjoy others blogs. I gave my site out to my friend who started one at the same time, and about 2 or 3 other people, including a cousin and a former co worker. No one else knows I blog!
It feels like a bit of a dirty secret! I can't decide if I out myself and tell my best friends,or if I keep on keeping on!
I write all true stuff, and sometimes I include them. However, I never name exact names and I never post pictures of anyone other than my family. Now I feel like Ive waited so long, maybe its better?!?!
So, are you an undercover blogger? Do I out myself or not?


Janie said...

I'm an outie. And I have to be. Our local newspaper posts all of our blogs in their online paper.

Sometimes that's good, sometimes not so good.

J'Ollie Primitives said...

I'm an outie too. My sisters read my blog and have been known to call me to tattle on each other with "you should write about Stew eating the lightning bug!"

I didn't say it was INTERESTING....

Soxy Deb said...

Well I never told my family I had a blog, but my DIL to be is a crafty little biotch! And she found me. So I try to be a little more careful about what I say on there (i.e. The Seven Year Itch post) and now most of my family knows. They just don't appear to care much. They probably think I'm as boring as the rest of the free world does.

kel said...

I don't actively tell people about it, but I don't hide it either... does that make sense?

♥georgie♥ said...

my family and friends heck even my neighbors know about my blog...

I have one friend who is so super sensitive that she gets all offended by some of my posts...for example when i was interviewed by you and i put I hate talking on the phone...she got all weird on me and said I didnt know that about you(ahem she calls me 25 times a day)...then on the 25 things meme when i put I hated childrens bday parties...LMAO...she hasnt called me since that day....she has 3 lil ones...she takes everything i say as it is directed at her UGH!!!!

My MOM always says how come you dont blog about me???? yiyiyi

I had a point to those rambles up there....I say go for it LOL

I am sure I am the only one with people that question them...I can say i do think twice how i word things since many people I know read my blog...but i wouldnt change not telling them...

good grief i have made a mess out of this comment! sorry Annie

Tiffany said...

My blog is a secret. My bff and former bff know about it but only 1old friend of mine even reads it. My parents would die if they knew I cussed so much on it. I don't cuss in front of my parents. So I'm gonna take mine to the grave with me. LOL

Tenakim said...

I went through THE EXACT same thing. BUT I don't think people I know could handle my content (there's only a few selected people)...However, I think yours is wholesome and funny and lighthearted that you could if you really felt the need.

I finally had the guilt eat me alive and told people that I shouldn't have and, frankly, they read once and they haven't come back (mom, husband, step mom).

I also think you may want to consider how you're going to feel if you KNOW those people MAY be reading- will you edit- will you hold back? Those are all issues that I have dealt with.

CJ said...

I actually started my blog as a way to keep in touch with friends and family after hubby and I moved across the country.

In a way it's fun, they seem to enjoy reading it and I think in a way it's brought me closer to some of my relatives. On the other hand, there are often times I want to write about topics and I don't, thinking about my audience. (My grandma reads it and she's in her mid-80s.)

It's a true dilemma, and I guess I would just ask yourself what your purpose is for writing it (e.g. venting your feelings, or just sharing funny experiences). Would that be stifled if your friends and relatives knew about it? And remember, the blog address can be passed around to EVERYONE. A former coworker of mine sent it to everyone in our department, and my sister in law wanted to give it to my former H.S. English teacher!

Jennifer Suarez said...

I used to be an undercover blogger. I needed an outlet for the pain and guilt I was going through during my divorce.

My ex-husband found the blog and outted me. It was humiliating at first.

Then I decided F-IT! I made everything public. I let everyone know about it. I even moved my personal blogs over to my main domain - being named directly after me it wasn't something I could hide.

I have to say, in some ways I miss having my private blog. I miss being able to say what I wanted to say without worrying who would read it and who would feel hurt.

BUT, after being out in the open for so long, I'm REALLY GLAD it's public. I learned that if I felt guilty for writing about something/someone then I knew I really shouldn't be writing about it publically. I've pushed the limits a bit here and there and I've found my family actually enjoys my craziness sometimes. It was liberating!

Now if there is something private I need to write about I make it password protected and only let in the people I want to let in. Other than that, I'm an open book, and it feels good!

Annie said...

I don't think I say anything they don't already hear about in an email/person, but it feels like exposure somehow??!?!? I really think about this on a regular basis! I think my best friends would laugh at it, but they aren't into blogging or much cyber world ( had to lure them to Facebook) and I wonder if they think it is weird!!?!?
Keep'em coming! Thanks for the input!

Kirby3131 said...

I decided a few years ago that online I needed to be an open book. People find things, they just do. I don't need to explain myself or something I've said because I didn't think anyone would know it was me. I had a diary as a teenager and I made up stories, elaborated and generally made up a better life (and more risque) than I was actually having. My mother read my diary and about had me and all the neighborhood kids put in lock up! LOL My diary was really good fiction. I never wrote in a diary again for fear of someone reading it.

Then something clicked last year. If I wanted to write and I wanted to talk about what I was doing, thinking, being etc - then I needed to have a blog. I have to admit, I edit everything. I make sure that anything I talk about will not be something I regret or will be hurtful to anyone. I have made my facebook page open to anyone who wants to see it. I actually feel freer doing it this way.

Someone told me, do not put in print anything you don't want out in the public. After my diary debacle, I'm all for consciously writing with that in mind.

I'm sure there are thousands of bloggers who write anonymously, I just don't happen to be one of them.

Leigh said...

"I'm out there...and I'm loving every minute of it...."

Anonymous said...

I have 2 blogs. One is open to the public, and one you have to look for to find. I made the mistake of telling friends and family about my first blog, then I couldn't use it to vent to save my sanity. So now I have my anonymous blog.

Kritta22 said...

I have a few blogs. I have my main one that every knows about. Kritta22

I have one with a few other bloggers. A place to vent and whine.

I have another with all yalls.

The reason I started blogging was to keep in touch with family.

I say that you do both. It's really fun. One you say whatever you want, the other is for you and whoever you want to tell.

binks said...

Everyone knows I have a blog and curiosity got the better of a few. I even have it posted on my Facebook and Myspace pages. Other than a few friends, no one ever reads it. I'm not sure if they are afraid that I will say something about them or they just don't give a rat's ass. I do tend to edit myself a little bit, just in case, but isn't that sort of what this and Georgie's confessional is all about?

LuckyMe said...

I originally email my link to friends and family. Only my closest sister really read with any regularity. Then I found I was repeating all of the same stuff to her when I spoke to her and it stunted our conversatiion. I also realized I didn't really want her criticism so I went underground.
I agree with CJ. It depends on the purpose of your blog.

Sabrae Carter said...

Personally I am an undercover blogger! lol Not even the wife reads it.. she has on occassion...but other than that no one outside the cyber world knows :)

Buddha's Place said...

OMG you need to keep it sacred if you ever want any privacy. I had to shut down a very cool blog because my psychotic mother used it against me. If I wrote anything remotely depressing I had family and friends calling...are you alright? It drove me crazy! I vote no. Well it depends on what kind of stuff you write?!?!?!

tinkalicious said...

Tell those you would allow to visit your house, that's about my criteria, but then again my blog is not that revealing, more of an information sharing, though I have flirted with the idea of starting an unfiltered, get it off your chest, ramble and musing-style blog, but I think I am a bit too lazy.........zzzz!

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